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Comment no.4909 posted by Lucy: Something had changed between us, and I liked it. This sound coupled with a sudden rush of air swooshing over Tammy's soft breasts and hard nipples. Then my wife slipped on her clothes, such as they were, and left. I am not sure if I shot more cum into Sandy's pussy but it did feel like I did. I hope he hasn't seen through me. Yes, it's one of my favorites, Heather replied. I had to be here to see you two love birds reunited. With each word his tone grew hungrier and the sound of his voice, the lust she heard in it, stoked her flames as well. She was already on her way there. I had my job in purchasing/supply making pretty good money. The mans hand began to slowly work its way up my thigh. How beautiful you'd be from being given that much pleasure. Soon Mike and I were having sex, and finally one day Joe and I did the deed as well. You think you would want to fuck her and help me please her? Look at those tits, take off your top sweetheart. He pulled his pants down, took them off and finished undressing. So Debbie told her story again, this time to the wider audience. Anyway thanks again to those who are trying to help a new writer get going. At the time, many years ago, I thought she was crazy. watchingmydaughtergoblaccom The three girls accustomed to it rapidly. Janie reacted like she always does then, with the strong muscles in her pussy immediately clamping down on my cock like a slippery, velvet fist. She moaned as I started my assault and she had her head tilted to the side so I could see her facial expressions as I penetrated her hot ass. When he got out of the shower he noticed her bathrobe was gone; he brushed away shadows that flew past his eyes and wondered why he suddenly felt so alone. You will wear what I set out for you and use the make up provided. She had a good idea of what was happening, what was about to happen, and turned her face toward the approaching body. Finally, a little after 2 PM, I walked out of my office. They would pull out then push back into her at the same time. Only if she promises to be a good girl, my husband chuckled. Her body felt dewy in the warmth of the lights as she lay face down on the massage table and then draped the towel back over her bottom. Yeah, it's Trevor. Jim said omg Ashley that is an awesome pussy you have and it looks so tight. Her porch light was on so anyone looking towards her house got quite a view. If you are there we can go home and discuss our problems and see if we can solve this situation. I had to keep tugging it down just to cover my belly button. It's not what you think. I get really horny when she has to go to the doctor. Mmmmmmmmmmm, she moaned as Jay pushed the first inches of it into her mouth. Kira and Leena exchanged a glance. I was royally pissed at my wife for using her evasive lawyer-speak to me when I asked her what had happened. I felt a hand on my shoulder pushing me back into the chair - I heard Jorge. Don't be shy Harry, slip on into the action! I started licking her ass...that made her squirm. My first husband had forced me to fuck his friends or face being beaten. Fuck them, Baby. Ed and I were in the adjoining room watching via three wireless cameras and microphones that we had setup earlier. He had seen my bird so I should get to see his. Just please promise me that no matter what happens tonight it is a one time and one time only thing. I was a little nervous at this point, because I still needed more connection, and it was getting to be a long time and I wasn't getting there. Am I right? I didn't want to answer, but when you're right, you're right. Not too soft or too hard, just enough to send uncontrollable shivers throughout my body. As lukewarm as she was about giving head, you might expect that she wouldn't expect much orally. No problem, Jack. So it is tight. Stewart slept alone in his bed. I thought that he'd already broached the subject with our friend. Long ago I figured out that I would never be married. letting him see her standing with her sweater open for him to enjoy until the elevator arrived. I heard the other say something about not having a reason to be embarrassed. He smashed into her harder and harder, pressing her face into the mattress, watching her hands claw at the sheets as she writhed beneath him, her hips squirming against his cock and thumb, begging each of them to fuck her deeper, harder. As he undressed Tammy stared at his body, her tongue reflexively licking her lips as she saw the bulge in his pants and watched him bare the cock which was creating that bulge. Sure enough, Maria timidly snuck her way into the kitchen. Matt went to the closet, pulled out his coat, and left the house. He slammed his cock into Gina as far as it would go and he sighed with relief as he came inside her. I was just bored, listless. Your dad and I are proud of you. Peter was a tad bit jealous considering that Mr. Kelly's are pink, but yours are even darker than your skin. I walked over to one of the two storage closets that had been looted and found a box of four 17 watt fluorescent light bulbs on the top shelf. But now after so many years of marriage, the passion had waned. I remembered he'd said he worked here, but in what capacity I couldn't say. watchingmydaughtergoblackcom I could clearly see her nipples, swollen and stiff with passion, and the gleaming essence of their lovemaking on her naked thighs. As I start stroking my cock in and out of her pussy I looked into her eyes seeing my lust and hunger mirrored back at me. Calling me about 3:30 in the afternoon she had asked me to meet her at the bar in a restaurant we frequented not too far away, saying it had been a rough day and she needed to unwind. I adjusted the zoom in order to get some close up shots of her pussy. Suddenly she stopped sucking and took her hand away. She had on black stockings and heels. When they were among the other dancers, he held his wife close, waited a minute, then began to share his imaginings with his wife. After she swallowed my load, she looked up at me, that wonderful look still glowing in her eyes. Meanwhile, down on the bed, Ray had gotten me situated so he can work his magic with his tongue ring. When he finished, I jumped to my feet and stood glaring down at him. How long has it been? At least a few weeks, as her hand continues to manipulate my dick. I was pretty sure what she meant by that, but I wanted her to say it anyway. John moved his hand up to her stocking clad legs. Don't trust me. Are you enjoying the show honey?' she teased. Sounds like the zoo was a hit. You bloody idiot! Look what you made me do? I said giggling. He didn't try to hide his intentions : he opened his fly and let his pants fall down. She nodded. Ted, standing close behind Janice, covered her mouth with the palm of one hand, and whispered, Shush, they'll hear us, in a breathy voice. watchingmydaughtergoblack.c She would definitely be stroking them under the table and knowing her, probably had at least one or two of Steve's fingers in her pussy. This time, Peter was visibly shaken. - Good girl! You've found the knack of it. I prefer a good old wooden Louisville Slugger (as opposed to an aluminum bat) as it makes less noise when it hits bone, don't you know. watchingmydaughtergoblack.m Although our sex life was not what it once was, we were still best friends. I wanted to yelp but couldn't because Rob was holding my mouth down on his manhood. Her belly was flat with a beautiful blonde bush. teasing her for a moment then sliding his entire length into her as his thumb moved inside her ass to the webbing between fingers. Dad. She looked at me real guilty and said, Ok, here goes---the short version. What a laugh! +++++++ Well, there you are. On the morning of New Year's Eve I took a three hour drive early in the morning to pick up some fresh seafood that I had especially ordered. What did you think of last night? Rebecca asked. I handed her her coat, started putting mine on and said, let's go! As we walked out onto the street, she immediately gave me a big, wet, deep kiss and ran her leather gloved hand down the front of my jeans. She engulfed my cock in her mouth, and swallowed me all the way down to the back of her throat. She was now under observation, whatever that meant. Amanda and her husband do, and she says its fine. She spread he legs slightly, giving him easier access, and he proceeded to masturbate her through her panties. I must've actually roared, because she covered my mouth with her hand , and giggled as she approached her own orgasm. It was fucking awesome! We spent the next five minutes calming down -- my cunt felt raw and tender, god knows what Beth's must have felt like. Eddie turned to see what was going on with Carmen when his wife took his hand and Jason hand and said: We should move to the bed room Eddie. It's kind of like bragging or showing off, I guess, but I'm not wanting them to screw her! No, dummy, that's why it's the extreme. OHHHHHH YESSSS. Mike gave a final jab and emptied his balls into Yuna's mouth. he cautioned, and she just giggled. This is going to be hard for me to say, so I need you to hear me out and not get mad. watchingmydaughtergoblackom And 'second', Happy Late Anniversary! The girls there at the massage par...uh, spa helped me set all that up. Larson.
Comment no.4910 posted by Zoe: James' tongue expertly darted and weaved into her pussy. It would involve selling my current practice and coming down and hiring staff to work for me. You bet they are. My wife and I fucked two more times that night. I made the lemonade, spiked my own and took a few hearty gulps before I went back out. She slowed down to drive him mad and he began pleading, she speeded up and gripped his cock that little bit harder. The rest of their conversation about Tommy being more aggressive with me sexually and treating me more like a slut then his teacher was fairly accurate. I kissed him a few times, but he was exhausted. At first I thought it was the amount of juice she was gushing, when she climaxed; but she'd always done that. He was smaller but hotter. I was stunned. My nipples were so hard, he had me so turned on. Whoa! Our last time together? I sat up in bed and looked down at her. Good thinking, Claire, he said, his voice deep and gruff. watchingmydaughtergoblack.clm If you want to try cock suckin' with me. I was insatiable. I had a wonderful life with my parents and little sister, before being accepted in to College on the other side of the country. Were it not for her panties, he could have licked her clit. He kissed her gently on the cheek. I was a little suprised though. He rolled her dress all the way up above her navel taking in her flat sexy belly before pulling the top off her dress down until just a thin circle covered her ribs. They bought me drinks and made me dance with whatever guy who came to our table. Got your message good buddy, what was so damm important that we had to meet in the middle of the afternoon at a bar? he inquired. When I applied, they asked if I would be willing to see people on short notice to test them and to be a medical adviser for them in return for a free membership if approved. Where are you getting off? I'm getting off at Oak. The first two were called Screw my wife, please and the third was called 'The Gang Bang Girl. I had offered to take her to the airport but she told me that they were being picked up by the company courtesy car. Need help? I offered. It was getting chilly outside so we moved inside and cuddled up in his sectional sofa. As his softening cock plopped free from her cunt, his cum literally flowed from her gash. strip for me. And then fate smiled on me. We made love three and sometimes four times a week, sometimes twice in a night and I was willing to do anything that she wanted. It was the beginning of the period where I lost my mind. What are you looking for? I had applied for membership at a swingers club at home recently. I want you to promise me that you will call this off. They couldn't be in there much longer and I definitely wanted to wait to let them both know they had been found out in my own time and way. Please Rob; it has been a long time and I need you. You guys love that thing, don't you? Janel said when she walked into the living room. Amy gave a sarcastic smile. I love to be slammed into hard. Otherwise it's not going to happen. Man, if you guys ever break up, I'll be camping out on her door step. Jim ordered his drink & I ordered a long island iced tea J. I give Tom and Liz both a quick kiss and Matt shakes their hands as they leave. I never thought it would happen -- since it only seemed to happen to single girls and I had been married for over 10 years. Stroke your cock for me Greg. He cleared his throat, Sorry to disturb you sir, madam. Isn't it awesome? Nomi put in. When she was down to her panties, I kissed her tenderly and asked her to remove the blindfold. watchingmydaughtergoblack.dom This one is a real beauty. Ho-hum. In fact I'll have little Samantha every way round. I missed you, stud. After a couple of minutes she rolled off me onto her back. Maybe I just loved that monster of a cock. She said, I bought this 2 weeks ago and I have only warn it on our tanning bed, don't start thinking I'm going to the beach wearing this. He was right about that, although I wished he'd chosen a different ship's name, and the rental would obviously have no sails. In fact I wondered if she wore such a tight shirt because of where they were going that night. I like the idea that you are proud of me. It was absolutely amazing. I have so much to do. watchingmydaughtergoblack.cok No im not.....wearing any underwear. There have been many others over the years, usually men I work with and strangers I meet in hotels and bars when I'm out of town on business trips or my hubby is gone on trips and all without my husband knowing anything about it. Rui kept fucking her. I know Mrs Kay considers it very special. One of the ship personnel asked me if I would like towels. Her long black hair radiating the glow from her face. They caressed and rolled unto the plush carpeting, tonguing and humping as if all alone and used to the scene taken place before my eyes. I could still remember what this Jeff Lindh, better known under his nickname Souvenir had promised to do with Sandra why I understood that there was some crap to come. My wife, Joy, and I teach at the same local college. She clamped her lips around his shaft and sucked every drop out of him. The gymnast's body she'd developed and competed with grew from 130 to 150 already. I eventually said. It had been a long time since either of us had experienced such intense orgasms. Wine with dinner, and we opened another bottle after, and a couple joints, and I was thoroughly wrecked. I let her get use to it before I started pushing it deeper and deeper into her throat. In those days if you found out you had a bun in the oven, you didn't take care of it. Jim said lets go Ashley. She decided he should never know. Not thinking to knock, I turned the knob and when it wasn't locked, I quickly stepped inside. Rajesh again told her to walk like fashion shows. I'd brought a card wishing her good luck and I left it with one of the other waitresses in case she came in. I wanted to get away from her and quickly walked down the stairs. Don arrived less than half an hour later. His tongue left my cunt as I lay there breathless and spent. We had five of them going at once. I pressed myself up against my wife's body. watchingmydaughtergoblack.cim Every guy has at least one pair, right? I didn't know anything about that. I begin to stoke it up and down trying to keep rhythm with the strokes my wife is giving him. When I am finally done with Jon I put my head on his lap and tell Bill to fuck me hard now. Consequently it usually does not get much wider in our bedroom than the vibrating sexual aids and such that we use to enable her to reach the orgasm she deserves when I am not able to perform at 100%. The couple left their room, walked down the stairs, and joined the party at the bar. By the amount of swearing I could tell they weren't the brightest bunch. She worked his cock without riding it. He gave me a lusty look, almost begging my permission to enter me. Ridgeway had photos, videos, and taped phone calls that all supported her claim. Next to Donna, Mary's my best friend. She could see the delight in Eddie's eyes when he heard that Yukie was coming so see him again. Um ten feet . Hurriedly, Gigi unhooked Jim's belt and opened his trousers. First off, I had to wear a costume -- and I hadn't had young girlish physique since before getting pregnant with my second child. She was more buxom than my wife, who happened to be walking right next to her. They were facing each other, noses inches away from touching. He extracted his fingers from my pussy and opened the back door and set my bottom roughly down on the leather seat. Jim said Ashley ride my cock baby. She was a girl that I had shared some classes with during the last term. You mean she's playing the field. I was walking in the downtown core; it was lunchtime, and the sun was beating down in slow languid waves that were moderated by the wind patterns shifting through the skyscrapers. They pulled into the concierge pick-up. They had a two hour wait at the airport, they'd switched planes twice, once in Dallas, once in Miami, and they'd finally landed in Jamaica around dusk. Mark leaked pre-cum and she used it as lubricant. watchingmydaughtergoblack.cpm The kids were still awake, she was having cramps, she didn't feel fresh enough or the best one; if you wait until tomorrow, I'll make it worth your while. She actually smiled. Samantha fully recovered, although she has to go for a check up every six moths to make sure the tumor does not return. Do you want to suck on them just for a little? Oh GOD yes! I could hardly contain my excitement. Hey, did ya'll want some fresh lemonade? I asked as I placed the tray on a small table. He pushed me to his bed feeling my legs and started pushing his hardness against me through my bikini bottoms while kissing me passionately. You spoiled dickhead. and gorgeous. Don't show up here until I get home, understand? Vanessa nodded her head meekly. Margie stopped talking to Darla when she found out about it, and so did a lot of the other girls. We had talked about our wildest fantasies many years ago. He opened his fly and freed his gorgeous cock. watchingmydaughtergoblack.xom In fact, you'll find reading the chapters in sequence just might add context and depth to current chapters as the story of Mark and Carrie unfolds. As he pleasured her with his tongue, she caressed her nipples, her legs spread as wide as she could possibly make them, moving back and forth in a steady rhythm. Hey beautiful , you are one hot & horny bitch, she said. I know you will like it. She quickly replied. The evening's menu sir. Well don't worry, I will tell you when I don't want to do something! Oh and I love you too! Now we both need that shower. I wasn't getting much friction down there since she was stretched out and slick with cum. Her tongue was darting out, attacking his prick, then sliding back in her mouth to get more saliva. She was mesmerized. A very tall bottle of chianti. I got in between Sue's legs and proceeded to move my hands up her back and then down over her ass, ending at her thighs. No one will ever know, because I'm not doing it. I met Trina the first day of class as a freshman at Eastern Michigan University. I held her ankles with one hand and guided my dick towards her closed pussy. Richard grabbed her hair, powering into her. I can tell from the way that she looks at you. that was so good, I love you so much. Without hesitation she got down on all fours and started gorging herself on fresh snatch. Oh hell ya, I'm dying of the heat out here, one of the guys said as he walked over and I poured him a glass. Curtis returned to the sleeping Nikki. Mark apparently was the stud of the group. I was dressed in a light colored tee shirt and khaki pants. It was all worth it when they both graduated and moved out of the house. I think he was turned on by what was happening to us as much as I was. More hoots and howls. As far as she knew, he was faithful to her and that meant a lot. He reached over to the table next to the couch, opened the drawer, and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. But quite enough to penetrate me. Aarti, what are you doing? We are married now you know? I tried to stop her. watchingmydaughtergoblack.coj You just made an even bigger mess for me to clean. Why did you invite for movie? I asked him. I was relieved in a way. Then turning her head back, seeing him staring at her naked ass, she softly scolded, If you're in such a fucking hurry, shouldn't you be following me up to the bedroom? Oh fucking God, panted Patrick into Kitty's mouth a few minutes later, as his naked body writhed under hers, his hand painfully squeezing her little breasts as she rode on top of him. This was required as she was howling and shrieking in orgasm. At least the did until nearly getting busted by the cops! She was so embarrassed. I was quickly loosing control. As her eyes closed, Sara reached up and pulled her down to her. I forced myself not to look at her legs. Cindy and I have had several intense sex sessions reliving this event. She felt a thrill that she had asserted herself a little. Just what do you call a fucked up mess like this? Sweet, was my only response.. watchingmydaughtergoblack.con I answered after a little pause. Yeah, she gives good hug, doesn't she? That's my little slut. We are breathing hard. Ohboy, I can guess what this is for. She would laugh and say, Only my lover gets to see all. Jamie's resistance melted away in the fire of his passion. I said. I don't know where he came from and I definitely didn't recognize him. Ohhh, damn. That perfect shaped O that I seen earlier in the mirror was back. She laughed, nervously. Maybe I should go outside and see if they can hear the slut yelling, Matt says with a grin on his face. watchingmydaughtergoblack.vom It was just a normal wine bottle. Show us yours Jill. Vic thought for a moment. Darla didn't show up for work today, did she? No. Did you meet the man dressed as Satan? I asked. Finally Janel and Joy left down the beach. After about thirty minutes, Satan moved over between Annie's legs and slurped up the cum that oozed out of her. Sounds like hubby is due for a good dressing-down, then. Even her sexy, slanted brown eyes hurt, from staring at the computer monitor into the wee hours of the morning. Young? asked the suit as he briefly held up a badge. She broke off our kiss and stood in front of me and she raised her arms up in the air. Do you want me to drive for a while? she asked. After normal fucking from my husband, though once a fortnight, this brought fresh memories. He was breathing heavy now, and with that determined lusty look in his eyes. What is worse is that he will do it, but it's half-hearted and when he just goes through the motions I hate it too, said the girl. Finally she let up the pressure on my head and let me bob up and down on his cock working my tongue around the helmet of his cock. Take off your girdle, he said. It was still sitting next to the cash register two days later. The young lady grabbed me by the arm and guided me over to the chair and sat me down. I went up to them and they informed me that they wanted to leave to return home, as a night drive would be comfortable. Over the next six months I thought of dozens of things that I could do or would like to do, but they were all flights of fancy; either too unrealistic or too expensive. Slowly working closer and closer to her furry mound, he pulled her little panties aside and slipped his tongue past the pink folds of her pussy lips, lightly caressing her delicate nerve ending. Judging from his dropped jaw and bulge in his tight jeans I could tell Jim liked her outfit right away. I allowed him to kiss me deeply, excited at the idea of feeling his tongue on my clit. Don't bite too hard, but I'm really horned up and can take more now. Tom stopped licking my clit just as he heard what Sam was saying. Jim had been seeing another woman and Gemma had soon discovered his unfaithfulness. You should plan on calling her, what, maybe day after tomorrow? I don't want to wait that long. First the emergency at work, then the expensive bag, then the rain, and now his cabin. If she would betray me that way, she really didn't matter to me at all. Okay, let off of it so I can poke around in her a bit. A few minutes later he saw the workman again -- that time with a co-worker, and they strolled slowly past the passenger side of the car and stopped fairly close by. Kristi was in the lead, and she stepped in and to the side so that Morgan could enter. A couple of minutes later, Marnie brought a black box to me, and lifted the cover to reveal the shoes in all their splendour.
Comment no.4911 posted by Kendall: He was kissing my face lips neck and soon my nipples again. God, this was starting to feel good. All three were over 40 but were in decent shape. As I was walking out the door, Karl called out with me. Oh, Kori... I will be quick. Tammy laid tied on the motel room bed dressed in the red fishnet bodysuit, the dildo vibrating against her aching pussy and the metal pill humming atop her swollen clit. She had completely given into the delicious feeling he was giving her between her legs. We were deeply in love with one another. She kept the phone on speaker and I heard them frolic as the car was being washed and then heard some sucking sounds. The whole time the bartender was taking her order, he was staring straight at her breasts. At first, it embarrassed me a little, but Scott pointed out that he was a good friend, who I enjoyed socializing with, and that by focusing on someone who was real, the fantasy would be more powerful. I parted my legs and he pushed forward from the hips, his dick first hitting my mound and then the inside of my thigh, searching for the opening. Shit, shit, double shit, Kate screamed. After awhile of that, she climbed off, unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock from the leather pants bondage it had been in for the last few hours. So beautiful with two cocks fucking you. But as she tried to make herself believe that Jim's fingers pressed her down more insistently and she spread her thighs just enough so her clit could bump against the table now. I guess its your turn, now, I answered, placing my hand on his thigh, near his growing cock. His trips seem to happen more frequently. That's his business. watchingmydaughtergoblack.cmo Her face was filled with pain and her eyes filled up with fear. After opening the bottle, Heather just tipped the bottle up and drank heartily rather than bother with a glass. The other ones will wait for their turn! Hassan entered the pod where Kira was waiting for them, secured to the walls. Jack went on to explain that Donna had asked her divorce attorney to ask the court for visitation rights but he said she it would be better if she settled the criminal charges first. One hand jerked from her tits and grabbed at the back of Jay's head, pushing his face into her crotch as her hips drove themselves upward. He jumped on to the bed again and on top of me and his hands went to the waistband of my skirt. watchingmydaughtergoblac.kcom Not even Lindsay crossed this far under her towel. It seemed like that was our special time when we did that. Yeah, I know. That's what I hoped for, a chance to show you how sorry I am for what I did. The two men were both tall and attractive, just like in the pictures they'd sent. If you want me to get everything pre-approved with you, I will. What the hell has she got in mind I wondered. Her head rolled on the pillow, her eyes staring at the two men as they stood above her, each toying with her body in a different way. She'd stopped doing self-exams years ago, thought she was too old for such nonsense, but the hot lump in the belly of her left breast she'd felt in the shower that morning hadn't cared one way or another, it didn't give a damn how old she was. I told him I was going to date one way or another. Is that all? Mindy said, clearly disappointed. He opened them both and handed me one taking a good pull on his. Immediately, I felt Gail's eyes on me. I don't even want to think about where this could go if there was a harassment suit. * * Wednesday Night * * So, what are you going to tell us this time, Debbie? You told us about your first three, if you count the romantic date as one...let's hear number four. she started to tell me. watchingmydaughtergoblack.ocm **************** Five weeks later -- Sunday evening Mommy, mommy! Beth and Jason shrieked as they jumped out of Matt's car and came running up the front walk into her arms, their overnight bags forgotten behind them on the ground. The house needed painting badly and the slate sidewalk should have been re-leveled years ago. Jessica smiled. John reached his hand out to the girl on the right. And, even if I forget to say something about a part I might have a problem with, please don't tell... Her muscles started to contract almost immediately. But he quickly wrapped his closest arm around her and held her tightly to him while his lips parted ... She calls it her wash-and-wear hair. She knew their marriage was not one of them. Wow. The papers hadn't been touched in hours, some perhaps not in days. Her tongue darted out between each kiss. Two local girls dressed in long white dresses walked either side of her, holding her arms out as she moved up the hall towards the Count. I'll meet you in the kitchen. Could I buy you a drink tomorrow, around lunchtime, perhaps down at the Sheraton. I think I have a clean gym towel in here somewhere, I hastily apologized.