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Comment no.4294 posted by Landon: stopthecamercom I looked at my husband who was still stroking his cock, as our eyes met; we both knew I was being filled by another man's hot, sticky load. Ted had lowered his hip again and brought Janice back up into his lap, and he was leveraging off his heels and against the backs of the front seat with his knees and driving his cock as far up into Janice as he could. Tammy's eyes grew wide at the sight of its size. She took its head in her mouth, which is something she usually does before she puts it in her pussy. Suck that cock like you want it more than anything in the world. I wondered if she's heard about our predicament and wanted to talk about her future working with us. Eddie was the ultimate cuckold now. He wanted to meet with her immediately to discuss a solution. stopthecameracom I was in bliss. I couldn't believe they had agreed so easily! She looked at me with a somewhat embarrassed expression on her face. What's up? We have a project that has to be done by Thursday at noon. You can talk to her after, if you want. It just seemed gigantic! Duane was now getting into slamming his cock into me while I tried to keep my mouth on Rob's massive tool. Oh my, well thank you again; for the drink and for the compliment. No, no, stop, I, uh, can't take anymore ... We both were kissing her neck and playing with her tits. stopthecameraom I got up and moved for the rest of the night to the guest bedroom. I had just married my dream girl, and all I kept thinking about was other men fucking her brains out, pumping their cocks in and out of all of her holes and covering her in cum. I could feel her juices running down the front of my legs and her vaginal muscles were gripping me like a vice. Terri became bold, placed a hand in his lap, surrounded his penis through the fabric of his trousers, recognized his exhilaration. I told her you probably won't get your job back, but the company will be punished for what they tried to do to you. Sounds like a girl's name to me. If you still want to be a part of this family, here are the conditions. But as she laid there with the toys vibrating against her swelling clit and dampening sex, the cool air swishing over her hard nipples, her mind filling itself with different images and thoughts, her arousal grew and grew. What if you saw that? Would you still be turned on? My cock leaped up a bit. Lynn gazed at him for a minute, her face tight with pain. stopthecamera.m I could see Nikki's eyes were starting to water and looked as though she was about to cry. There were more than a hundred thousand dollars at stake and in this economy it simply could not be surrendered. What did you mean yesterday when you said you would buy me coffee? I didn't get that! You don't recognize me? You helped me last year, where you work. From that moment on, and especially all during the ride to the motel, she felt herself growing anxious as she tried to guess what he might have in mind. I was hard enough that I should have been feeling light-headed from the redirection of blood flow to a more southerly location. I was really calling to check on you. You know, fucked up beyond all recognition. Emiko turned around to put her clothes into her backpack, and when she bent over, the sight of her ass in a swimsuit was simply amazing. Doing much dancing these days? Oh and by the way, why are you still working there and Jenny got fired for fraternization? That wasn't my decision William. She then looked up at the peephole, winked slowly, and blew a kiss in my direction. Sandy snapped back, I don't like you telling me how to act when we're out or who to talk or dance with. But, she likes to down play her looks and her sexuality, again saying no one wants to look at me. And you never were ugly either. The thought of a third cock spraying a load of semen down her throat pushed the newest orgasm forward, caused it to teeter upon the edge of its release Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she moaned as she sucked harder on the fleshy pole between her lips. I want cock, I want fucked, I want filled with cum everywhere. Each car was easily big enough for a couple of large serving plates. It's up to you. Katy and Melissa get along great as both are outdoorsy girls who were pretty much tomboys growing up. Come with me. After your 4th orgasm you would have started begging me to fill your womb with my seed. I knew Julie was a hyper sexual creature; we had great sex all the time. out of the car, and until they had him out no one knew who he was. Maybe we can talk about doing this again when we get back home. I would never imagine you were just a sick pervert. Three of us are staying and working on it until about eight. But while it feels good, it takes concentration and I lose a little focus achieving orgasm. The next day, I talked with Elizabeth about the encounter as we sat around in our underwear before breakfast. I waited in front of you apartment a couple of times and she seldom got home before daylight. Thank you for spending time with Sam. I'd have been so worked up that I'd have needed you right then and there and nothing would have gotten in my way. Better than I deserved. It was almost as if it didn't happen. Is that what you promised? Yes. The sloshing, fucking sounds from where Ted was pounding himself into her sex grew louder and sloppier, the mixture of juices helping to exaggerate the sound. Jonathan whispered, I need a short break, be right back, in Terri's ear, began walking towards the rest room. She blushed a little. We'll co-exist for the sake of the kids until I can figure out what is best for me and them; you already made your choice it seems. She was panting when his tongue at last withdrew from her mouth and she found her own tongue licking her lips. stopthecamera.c Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. he and Mike had been masturbating together since they were freshmen roommates! And what was more, they never wore clothes in their room, eventually even when Elizabeth came to visit for the night. Instead she explained his story about the auditors and how she had gone down to his room and they had yelled at each other and how Gerry explained that if she became his slut this afternoon then he would make all the trouble go away. Mark kissed Rebecca for a while before rolling off of her onto his back beside her on the bed.
Comment no.4295 posted by Jessica: stopthecamera.cok Nice try, but don't try anything. My lips are sealed. * Since the first time my wife had brought home my first creampie our sex life had dramatically improved. Jeff began to slowly move in and out each entry going deeper, stretching and filling me like I had never known before. No beer belly yet and I work out to keep in shape. Ann would always say she needed to this or that and would be gone for two to three hours at a time. He was on profile, and therefore was in the rear detachment group. To use a word we have never had the occasion to use around here, he fucked the slut right outta me. But the onrushing thrusting of Dino's powerful erection into Kitty's sloppy little cunt brought her back to the present, and she gasped and screamed more from the intense pleasure he was mercilessly pounding into her. ain't no professors look like you where I come from. Then I pulled my ruined shorts up my legs -- they were tight enough that they stayed up but I couldn't button the top (the button was gone) or zip them (half the teeth were missing) and the material was ripped down below the crotch so that my pussy lips were clearly visible as I stood next to the car. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations. stopthecamera.con A reason that was totally different from what I thought it was. But I cannot. One or two of the younger lads in the group made comments to the young woman, but the couple ignored them. That was the only hint of a problem in our marriage and that was mostly in my mind. If you want to do me Greek, you better get me off so I can relax a little. ++++++++++++++++ I didn't jump back in with both feet. Then Bill calls me down here so I put them on hold until I could look things over. He was so long and he stretched my pussy so quickly that it hurt at first. Her eyes had stopped shedding tears were now simply bugging out of her head. No Phil, please. Ooooohhhh daddy... Oh no, Ted , no. Nope! I smiled, Pair of eights, STRIP. She gave an elbow to the ribs, causing my drink to spill a little on her shirt. She quickly got up and went back into the kitchen, where she waited patiently until the coffee was ready. Well! ------ Just fancy that. It's something I insisted she do when she was driving a long way to work. He used to lay with his legs over mine, just like your doin'. stopthecamera.coj Lisa turned into Richard, her swollen tits nearly touching his chest. Without turning she once again tucked the blouse into the waistband of her skirt before pirouetting around to face us and then she began to sway back and forth giving us glimpses of the bulges of her breast. The door opens and they enter the room. She sometimes sat on his face and made him lick her while she stroked his cock and made him come. Yes I get turned on by it but you said we're not doing anything like that anymore. Mike slid a finger up and down my slit, spreading my juices and gently separating my labia. I was lying on the bed next to her in that pleasant state of exhaustion that you find yourself in when you have been totally sexually satisfied when Kate said: I trust that you enjoyed your stay with us this evening. Finally we were finished a little later than expected, but still giving me a couple of hours before she said she would be home. His big black cock was buried deep inside her willing pussy. He grabbed her ankles in his hands and lifted them toward the ceiling. Then do a slutty striptease for him including running your hands all over your body and pulling on your nipples. I know I don't have to. I saw plenty of sign, but I never saw anything except rabbits and an occasional squirrel. So what is it, the proud construction worker asked me scornfully, does your wife likes fuckin' other men better than you, and you like watching -- you some kind of fag, is that it? He snickered to himself. stopthecamera.cpm When we got married, Carol couldn't give a blowjob worth a shit; but then, even a bad blowjob was better than no blowjob at all. Are you angry with me? She looked into my eyes. Not intentionally. I couldn't do anything but hang on to my wife and admire this sexy woman as she rode my leg. I'm going to go chat them up. Over the next 3 months Jim has been over fucking me at lease 3 times a week. stopthecamera.cim Except children, of course. After sometime she separated from my boob and moved her hand to my pussy over my panty. All of a sudden I felt his anger has dissipated as he was looking at bikini clad body with hungry eyes. We had ultimately skipped dinner and just grabbed fast food burgers at the drive-thru on the way to the concert - that's what it was, a concert, Toby Keith and Rascal Flats, I remember now! Kristi had - still has - a thing for Toby. I'm not a hypocrite, I'll admit I had a boner fit enough to crack a nut. Yeah, no, yeah, here come on. Jealousy, rage and lust all mixing together at the same time, pounding my being like a sedge hammer. And then I did -- have another orgasm, that is. After the previous night of showing off her body to the people at the party, she had no problem displaying her body to her husband. Economics is my game, and I am probably in the minority but I think it's an exciting field, especially if you are as in love with numbers as I am. He laughed at me! You should have thought of that before you came in my door, you dumb bitch. Clothes, she repeated, nearly choking on the words. I hadn't been to his house before, and it was breathtaking; a big, spacious loft. Our tent was rather small designed for up to 4 people it said but I don't think they meant comfortably. He was lifting his pelvis off the bed in time with her. In less lustful and more logical moments, my wife and I negotiated the perimeters of our affair with our hopefully new conquest. Because I don't want a bunch of strangers wandering around my house. She didn't wake up this time, but her lips settled in a satisfied smile. She bent down slowly and licked along the dripping cum. Just lay there out cold. stopthecamera.vom But my sister needs a place to live for now. She has blonde hair that extends about half way down her back. I don't want a divorce Dan, only a little time to myself, to sort out a few things, that's all honey, Carol replied. I told you not to cut the grass when it was so hot, but no, you won't listen to me you old goat. There is no sex in this story. Jeetendra, Jeet for short, was also in our batch and had married Puja, a pleasant young girl from his native village. Even new series interact with older ones and they exchange characters continuously. His fingers reached down in between her legs. Do you have more than one extramarital lover? Now that you ask, I have to admit I've been doing the horizontal mambo with Lisa Anderson since mid-September. I felt energized in a way I hadn't experienced since high school. What was routine about tonight? Do you normally sleep with whales? Well, if they'd look have as good as you, I'd harpoon them. Mike was about to explode in orgasm. Into their kiss he continued to moan. Shortly thereafter she emerged with her towel and a smile. I thought I was going to have another orgasm and scream into the phone! I said breathlessly. Come over here and suck my cock, he said. stopthecamera.dom As I hung up my towel I noticed the small plastic bag containing the two Cialis tablets laying on the edge of my sink. As she started mouthing fucking my rod I looked over at my wife. I went back to stroking his cock, hoping to keep him right on the orgasmic edge and so get what I needed to out of this conversation. She would be treated like a lady, and could refuse to have sex with anyone she wasn't comfortable with. What I'm doing is using my four years of college to have my fun. I left and went home. Jim sighed at her touch and said You are so hot, I could not take my eyes off you. As always happened when Carrie spoke of her past lovers Mark's heart beat faster. stopthecamera.xom I guessed she must be early fifties now but she looked 10 years younger. oooohhh.... stopthecamera.clm She is going to get a real hammering tonight. There was nothing in life now but the music and this man and her body reacted only to these stimuli. The sexy bitch even had the hottest ass Curtis had ever seen and he'd seen a lot on the nude beach or wearing thongs. He slid his hands down to massage her pussy without bothering to really hide himself. He's going to take me right here, she thought with alarm. Her little cunt was no more open to his penetration but her ass was now quite attainable. We were standing in the shallow end playing with the water as we talked about trivial things mainly so we could stare at each other's bodies. Nicastro? Well then, don't mind if I do. I just took his punishment with delight. We are in the backyard and some people are dancing, some are standing around talking and others are in the pool. I had to fight to keep my facial expression neutral when our eyes met, but I somehow managed. To cook out, sure. She exemplified how every young working girl should dress for the office. My wife and I recently celebrated a major milestone in our marriage, and we wanted something different from the wine, dinner and movies. Last night was very good, m'lord teddy bear. Then he slowly pushed his cock back into his wife's pussy and started to fuck her doggy style. It wasn't my wife fucking around with Dan, it was your wife, Vicki, I told him waiting for his reaction. I replied. This was a great evening and a great chance for Jon to meet some people, maybe we can talk him into moving here before too long Bill comments, let me help you with that Matt and with that the guys head into the other room as Matt is picking up empty glasses in the house. I knew he had one thought in his head and that was to dive into my delectable cunt face first and eat his fill while I bucked and pushed his face harder into my pussy.
Comment no.4296 posted by Morgan: I saw the messages were sent in the evening on April 5th. Your friend is watching my intently. I was not going to allow this project to fail because looking at my shoes had, in some twisted way, aroused him. Hall's office with the door closed for three hours. I have places to go and things to get done before tonight. But that raised another question. My voice trailed off then as I sank back into the pillows and sighed. She would go along with the story telling, knowing it made my dick stiff, but she wasn't really into it. I think you're a natural at it, Rose told me. Doug took her by the hand, and led her to the couch. stopthecamera.cmo By now Tonya could no longer hold back her own desire. 'Oh my! What did I just see? Nothing Mary Ann, nothing. The story Mr. John began pulling the panties down. When Jill and Dave got married I asked her straight out, Jill, are you sure it doesn't bother you that Dave and I were lovers? Not at all. She did not want Greg to walk in and catch her cheating on him, but Mike wouldn't listen to her protest and gave her another slap on the face. It was Maria looking awfully concerned with Vanessa backing her up. He pulled away slightly and I could see her gaping pussy, open and waiting for his next thrust. stopthecamera.ocm With a deep breath I rose and walked to the door. As he got in the vehicle I took closer notice of what he looked like. stopthecamer.acom The tops of her thighs and the lips of her sex glistened. So, I got myself all fancied up, looking the way I wanted, and drove out to Providence. Alicia kept kissing and sucking Karl's cock and her hands were rubbing my balls. There was no part of her I wouldn't kiss! I did anything she wanted, any way she wanted it. Probably the biggest ones I have ever seen in my life. Her pussy was beautiful. Later, Christine. By the time I figured out that you were Rob's father, they had already consummated their relationship. Oh God, yes, it feels like heaven, Nancy replied. Louise seemed so pleased that my wife was drinking. Would you really like being married to Mrs. So glad you found me on FB. If you would do that to the underside of my cock, near the head, the physical pleasure would be intense, but the emotional pleasure would be absolutely fantastic -- I would know beyond a doubt that you are willing to push past your limits to show me how you want me, how you need me. Again I am truly sorry that you have been hurt.