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Comment no.1471 posted by Trevor Dean:

ww.motownswingers.com and motownswingers.com It turned out that he worked for the gentleman who was throwing the party; and in fact Tom was the system architect for the project. He had worked for Foster King before he retired and stayed on. motownswingers.m I went on, It's not cum but I wish it was. He moaned in pleasure as she stroked him. motownsngers.com Yeah, I think so. After that he did what he wanted and she let him. mownswingers.com She would be an embarrassment to her husband, her church and her family if word ever got out that she was sleeping around and they emotional pain was becoming too much for her to bear by herself. He looked sideways at her and grinned, Should we get some to throw down to the crowd? he asked and L.A. motwnswingers.com He would come home angry one day and be withdrawn the next. What's that? Kelly asked. motownswinger.com He makes no attempt to hide his gaze. I barely plucked the blinds back and sure enough he gave a silly wave and smiled. motownswingrs.com At 7am the police didn't come into a lounge to check for underage drinkers since the crowd was made up of the dock and factory workers from the night shift. The girls have said they will take me out this Friday night, so I have until then to improve my wardrobe, everything else, they say, is in full working order.. motownswingers.om Her house was beautiful. In several letters to Literotica, I have discussed the evolution of our sex lives and marriage in ways that I could never have envisioned. motowningers.com It dawned on me as I walked towards the lobby that I had no idea what I was going to do. Didn't mean that I never thought about it though. motowwingers.com When he stopped playing with her pussy, Yoni noticed that it was remaining gaping wide open from the heavy stretching that Princess' dildo had offered her. There are 11 wives so for each event we will give our own husband a 10 and then rate the other 10 husbands in order from 10 down to 1 with 10 being the best. motownsingers.com We spent more than an hour talking about Gloria and me. Will you help undress her? Please ... motonswingers.com Please? she mouthed once again. He then jumped backward as though he had just touched a hot oven burner. motoswingers.com I felt exposed. Fuck! Tony said. motownswinges.com The cab stopped outside one of these shops and the woman grimaced as she smelt the scent of open sewers. We both watched her leave the room. motownswings.com For a brief second she asked herself why she was getting all prettied-up just to see another girl, but she banished the thought and headed for her friend's place. When I walked in the office the cleaning lady was just finishing and heading out the door. motownswiners.com With just Peter? He queried. 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Comment no.1472 posted by Wesley Patrick:

w.motownswingers.com and motowbswingers.com Then he got off and I took his place Cindy looked like she was really in a daze yet from the orgasm she had on the couch, and the fucking she was getting was just adding to it with pure pleasure. I have to fuck you one last time, before you get married. motownswingers.cpm I think that's enough for now, we don't want you to get too excited, do we? Besides, the first time you come, I want you to be deep inside me. Gary looked at John and asked, She's so sexy isn't she? Oh, my god, yes. motownswingers.xom He cared little where she went. Deep throat it. motownswingees.com A friend of Joe's who was an accountant helped her set her sales up as a business with a separate checking account and a whole list of deductions. Probably frightened to, responded Fred. notownswingers.com I'm also apologizing to you for ending things so abruptly like this, but there's no way that I can ever see you again. 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Roger's widow… yes, the literary agent was apparently quite happily married, always claimed that it was impossible for him to have been having an affair with Rita, but could offer no otherwise suitable excuse for why the two of them meet weekly in a hotel room. motownswingers.con I could only stroke my penis, alone on the hallway floor, while my wife and her lover rested in each other's arms behind the bedroom door. Greg fucked me with slow, even strokes, withdrawing it to the head then easing it all the way back in, and as he did my ass moved forward to greet each new stroke. motownswingers.com We got to talking about forever being a very long time, and Ellen asked if I was going to be a totally faithful wife. As patiently as I could, I explained to him we had already had that discussion and now it was time to get back to work. motownswingers.vom I'm hideous, she sobbed. I cannot describe how much that hurt me. moyownswingers.com Karen spread her legs and wrapping them around his thighs she helped him pull her tightly against him. Yeah well, it isn't every day that you get the chance to kiss a woman as beautiful as Holly. motownswingsrs.com Krista looked like a deer caught in the headlights. My pussy is so wet, god, I'm playing with my clit listening to you. motownswingwrs.com Well you know, if a husband doesn't take care of his wife, she just might go looking elsewhere -- the same goes for a husband. She had my immediate attention, You can … how … tell me more. motownswinners.com You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. Janie and Patti had always been friends, and they were very different. motownsqingers.com What.......? What do you mean? Heads I sign the contract and you play the game. This is a one-off, right? It's something we wanted to do all these years and tonight, here and now, it's our treat to ourselves. motownswingers.cok I was delighted and troubled and even a little disappointed all at the same time. Jason will stop when he is told by Carmen. motownswingers.cim Maybe you should hire someone to watch her. But his wife --- well I knew nothing about her, and Wendy hadn't been very forthcoming. motownswinrers.com We changed and Joe made an announcement that the entertainment was about to begin. Leo was happy with the change he saw and eight months later they were married. motownswkngers.com And all the while Doug was fucking her slowly into a desperate need for permission to release. Kim let out a loud groan and dropped her head to the bed. motownswingegs.com I acted like she'd woken me up. It's my first try at writing for Literotica so your feedback and so on would be appreciated. motownswingera.com That is now of your wife's choosing. 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She started sucking my cock again and in no time I was as hard as a rock again. motownswinters.com They had both shared fantasies of bringing in other people to share their bed but it had always remained a fantasy. If the male doesn't finish in time, he could become her fodder. motownswingdrs.com I just thought back to my question a while back, does an apple fall far from the tree? I would make them all pay for making a fool of me. I was stood 6 inches out of his reach. motownwwingers.com We had a computer that we would play internet game on. Her neck bent back, her head sliding nearly onto its top as she raised herself from the bed and pushed herself into the massaging fingers. motownswingerx.com He seemed hurt, alone, confused. He wasn't running anywhere too soon. motownswungers.com What do you think will happen to them? Will they go on trial? Gary was shaking his head. 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I told him that Kim and I had a lot of experience with threesomes. motownswingets.com He'd been married for ten years, and would always say, Let me know when you've completely given up on Janine and we can hit the strip clubs. A tear escaped and she wiped it away. motownssingers.com You have what you want, I concluded. It's okay. on site wwmotownswingers.com

Comment no.1473 posted by Kristopher Cooke:

motownswingers.com and motownswinger.scom Please, do it again? This time I followed the kiss with a languorous lick. We had gone shopping together and were at a trendy little coffee shop. motwonswingers.com The head was already very wet. It hurt like hell. motownswnigers.com We had swapped with one couple a few times a few years earlier, but it had ended with the other husband getting jealous and ruining a friendship. Her pace quickening, she rises up on her knees still impaled on his member. motownwsingers.com If we did meet her I wouldn't be having any drinks with you guys. The only problem was that they avoided talking about themselves, so I didn't have very much to tell Anna. motownswingers.ocm She spent some time wondering what that meant. Shilpa: No. motownswingersc.om As she knelt there, she noticed how wide open were her husband's eyes and she felt the first man's hand roughly take her head by the hair and turn her face towards him. Unzipping his zipper his cock sprung out as Jackie turned her back to him. motownswingesr.com Her hands moved over her belly and she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong...as she watched John stroke his massive hard-on. I could feel his cum leaking out and running down my ass. mootwnswingers.com He erupted, filling her with a tumultuous load, as even more delirious waves swept over Argie. Next I got to touch her naked tits, then her knee and then high up on her thigh and finally her pussy but only outside of her panties. motownswigners.com I was good with it. Instead, men love her thin body, her small ass, her perky little titties, and her pretty face -- so invariably men would make passes at her, and at that point she would be ready to say yes. mtoownswingers.com I tied one of each of their hands to the rings and allowed them to eat a breakfast of Bran flakes and wholemeal bread. The numbers weren't in order as each wife entered and John would shout out each of the wives numbers. motownswingers.com Becky leaned her shoulders back against Ty's chest. Truly stunned I saw her fall forward onto Ted's back and then to her haunches as she pulled the strapon from Ted's ass. motownsiwngers.com She still had anger over Kathy and for the first time, I found out that she'd been with two other guys when we'd separated. As his erection subsided, we all chatted nervously watching as Joan cleaned herself and he reclaimed his pants. motownswingers.cmo I sighed, and although the air blew up against the bottom of my chin instead of out of my open mouth, it still sounded like a sigh. goooooood†My wife was lost in pleasure, but still smiling at me as she stepped out of the stretch pants now laying at her ankles, her hips swaying and pushing into David's face, eagerly lapping away at Beth's juices. motonwswingers.com Because I died when she died. I really craved to see my husband get done, get well done, by a male stud. motowsnwingers.com We continued keeping in touch and Shirley would talk about seducing Anna as I sat groping and teasing my wife. Carie, who I suddenly had a thing for, was loving and kind and good and pretty and available, but I was still marriedâ€wasn't I? None of that withstanding, I had to make up my mind how I was going to deal with my so-called wife. motownswinegrs.com He sent out many memos and went so far as to withdraw his own portfolio from several key accounts. It's not--I'm not pro-life, Tom, or anything like that. motownswingres.com She insisted that he be gentle this time. Rick is a real stud with a big cock, so we invited him to dinner and a night of sex. omtownswingers.com She could be sold a bill of goods by anybody. She let Bill do the talking. at site wmotownswingers.com