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Comment no.3139 posted by Tyler: motorhomewhores.m Yes, here. That girl you met, Nancy, she's the cow. There it was, on the table. They lay still, and Lynn suddenly felt chilled. Our son was the best thing that came out of our marriage. She wasn't worried, she looked excited instead! Guess what I said... 'You know, this makes you my bitch' she said. That was awesome baby. I watched her ass wiggle as she was moving to the music on the stereo. We all clicked our glasses together and downed the drinks. They were attempting the same thing we'd been doing, only on a bed barely big enough for two people to lay still on, let alone get busy in. All of these thoughts raced through her mind and started to push away her heated passion, to qualm and dampen her desires. I said, I imagine they both were watching your every move. I didn't ask again. motorhomewhorecom She pulled out another handful of CDs and put the ones belonging to Matt on a little pile next to her. Someone closes the door behind you. What's the big deal?! She asked/answered in her usual bubbly way. As it fell past my hips my shaved pussy was in full view. motorhomewhorescom Stop living in the past or my little fantasy world. Betty knew what you had given up due to her illness. She felt his stiff meat pressing on her too sensitive clit, and so, she reached down and guided him to where she wanted to be fulfilled. Pete looked at her for a second longer then smiled. But, unlike before, I continued to mouth fuck you as I massaged your balls with my hand. James turned to me and said, She looks pretty relaxed now, eh? That's some body, man. motorhomewhoresom I figured... Oh shit, so soon? Jill said as Bob frantically tried to get his swollen member back into his pants; thankfully his orgasm had been averted just in time. To which she laughed, I guess I should go away more often. No, I want to see. I did feel a little overwhelmed by all of this, and I still didn't know if it was something I wanted to do forever. She raised her right hand and waved; I waved back with my right hand. We could wind up making you guys miserable, and hating each other. Actually it did piss me off a bit because it brought up some bad memories. She bent forward slightly and pushed back encouraging him; my blood pressure rose again. Ooohhhhh, she sighed. I winced. I mean what would you think if I walked around naked? I'd think it fine. Connie which way to your bedroom? I asked. Then I stuck my tongue in her, and she moaned while she sucked his cock. The first couple of times I had sex with him, I was on cloud nine. It was an old shotgun house just off the main drag. motorhomewhores.c All then agreed, and we felt a tremendous sense of relief as well as anticipation. He was slightly worried that she would be mad at him for skipping dinner but now those worries had faded. I was not looking forward to the furrowed brow and the stiff lower lip that I was rewarded with, but I fully expected it. Jill sipped her wine as Bob kept staring. Let me finish. Within thirty second the prick between her tits was arcing its spurts out of her cleavage and splattering her neck, chin and breasts. A white garter belt with white stockings and white high heel pumps. Our bodies began to tremble and wildly thrash as we came together. She was a good friend, but he didn't know her. Mike was between her legs and was gently licking and sucking her pussy. The strategy was all mapped out. Every time I'd meet Ryan on the elevator or in the hall, he'd keep telling me how lucky my husband was to have such a beautiful wife. He told her and she just moaned and agreed. I wish I had been paying more attention to the business lately. She made to shake his hand that still held hers and she saw his head coming forward, his lips puckering. Then she made the first move as put down the glass and turned toward Mike. Oh God yes, he sighed loudly. I couldn't think of a reason to hold back so we followed her in there. I think I feel too much for you. Maybe his wife being there was all that stopped them as she seemed to keep an eye on them. She started screaming and crying, too panic stricken to even beg them to stop punishing her bottom. I'm sorry I took up so much of your time, then. She managed a sexy wink in my direction. If you decide to stay, start dinner. She threw her head back and groaned with delight, all of her senses in overdrive as their fingers thrust deep inside her swollen pussy, her own hands gliding over their cocks, feeling the hardness. It took a few minutes for the flood gates to slow enough so she could almost talk. America? Katie playfully slaps my leg, Stop it! as her hand slides back up to my pajamas tugging harder on my cock that was straining to be released, I'm sorry I haven't given you attention lately. I pulled off my blouse, exposing my tits to Art's face, and then stood up and dropped my cutoffs. Folks, I enjoyed the feed back from the readers in the first part of this story. She moaned as I used my tongue on her hard nipple. I moved my hand between my legs and began pinching my clit. My wife Erin and I live in the same housing area on Oahu as Emiko and her husband Pat. Then he got serious and rammed himself into my mouth. If I can feel it, then I can also turn that feeling around, switch places.
Comment no.3140 posted by Rachel: The camera got even more shaky as it was apparently passed from one person to the next. With that she turned and braced herself as instructed. Hands grabbed Phil's shoulders and moved him away. Let's make it enough to last the rest of the week this time, ok? Yes, sir. There'd be times I'd be sitting down, standing up, moving around. James was surprised to feel the familiar tingle in his balls. I leaned over and gave Carita a kiss on the cheek and told her it was nice knowing her and then said goodbye to both of them. When Katherine had recovered slightly, she looked at me and said, Well we haven't done that in a long time. motorhomewhores.cpm A moment later Peter lifted me up, then turned me around. Standing behind me he slid his hands up and down my body, cupping my tits. motorhomewhores.con There was something else that I knew he loved. I have never been inside a strip joint and Katie hasn't either. The sight of her sucking Bill as she fucked me soon had me shooting a giant load of cum into her tight pussy. I was shocked, she wasn't yelling, screaming or anything; I think for a second I was really scared; you know, someone killing the messenger. Dan was still upset. I called work and took a weeks vacation. I promise I won't carry my cell, darling. eat your Princesses pussy... I now turned around & we were doing each other. Peronelle was clearly in charge. The look of fear on her face said it all. You've not been acting yourself lately, and you seem to be down in the dumps all the time. She grabbed her night gown and headed for the spare bedroom. You're not eating? I heard Wolf ask. But ......? I ended with sigh. Are you kidding? Katherine said with an arched eyebrow. When you were putting the oil on me and my mom, I was wondering how much you could see. His cock was so hard and throbbed so and ached. Her breasts were red from my constant mauling; her nipples were hard as rocks. Every now and then he retreats the give her clit a little attention. Why must everything be measured? He put his arms around her, hands clasped just beneath the bulge. But still. Nomi, a tiny Asian girl, and Brent, a tall black guy. Look at my profile I have posted a picture. Wait until I get hold of him, I'll teach him not to give me messages. They what? I asked. motorhomewhores.xom I also figured she found him to be a rugged, handsome guy, and maybe she was enjoying it just a little. Why do you need that? I am as wet as Niagara Falls! James smiled. Like skinny dipping at the swimming hole, it was fun for the sake of having fun; nothing more and nothing less. She began moaning and quivering, at which point I inserted 3 fingers deep into her pussy and started to finger fuck her while I eat her delicious ass. He was kneading her ass as she ground her pussy against him; the only thing separating his cock from her was his underwear. I fondled his balls as I took our discussion further. Still more for my shoulders, back and ass, reaching round, twisting my hands, covering every inch of my body. for Gigi.... motorhomewhores.cok And a guilty arousal. After you got her all hot with the lap dance did you get any? I laughed. Where the hell are you? Jamie said in exasperation as she tossed her phone in the opposite seat. We both know what to do and we don't have much time. He said after the kiss. Several times, my wife had had relations with a woman or two, but it was she who immediately ended it after the brief encounter. For the next 5 minutes our wives and Sharron slicked these guys down rubbing every exposed body part at least three times. As I investigated further, I found that indeed one of the units was operating. No, no real message, just tell her Jason called and I won't bother her again. Mark, was it? Did you want a glass? It's nice and cold, I said as I put my glass to my neck. It only took a few minutes before I noticed the beads of wetness dripping from her pussy hairs. I was biting by lip and staring lecherously at him when he looked back up at me and smiled. When she stood up again and resumed her dance routine, several guys came up to the show-bar with their dollar bills in hand and stood next to Bob. Do you think the neighbors are watching us? she asked breathlessly. I could feel the warmth coming from her body as I wrapped my arms around her. Time for fixing dinner is now. Obviously it's up to you to decide what to allow: - Nude pictures (of course). Then, as the song wound down, she slowly pushed her panties down, revealing a bushy triangle of soft hair, which she quickly covered with her hands. I explained, first, that it wasn't going to make a difference and that she was apparently fuming simply because she was mad and embarrassed at having been caught. Her black bra pushed up her ample tits and her black thong showed off her ass to perfection. I have a better idea, he said. You bastard, I need to know. Her hunk-boss was buried to the hilt inside a leggy blonde not half his age, probably only a few years older than her. Aye, so good. She was taken all different ways and positions over the week that followed as Eddie watched then fuck and suck and fuck and suck whenever he was home from work. She was his slave and he could do with her as he wished. He sat on a chair while I rode him. While she positioned her pussy to grab the dollar bill from his mouth, she ran her free hand down the length of his body, massaging the bulge in his jeans as she pressed her breasts to his body. Do you mind if we talk before we go to eat? she asked. Your hands are too rough, like a workman. You heard me, she said turning around and walking down the hall. You are without a doubt gettin' to be the best lover I've ever had... motorhomewhores.cim Two conditions: you don't tell him what we're up to in advance, and I get to be in on it, somehow, even if it's just watching. Finally, after the initial shock had worn off, I told them they had one minute to get their cheating asses out of my house or I'd put them both in the grave. motorhomewhores.dom I just want her out of my fucking life. I then laid a towel on the bed, so that there would be not tell tale marks and lifting my satin, knee length nightie I took my round long handled hair brush and slid the handle into my hot & boiling honey pot. Please, just don't let her know that I used the word distinguished. She said he was tempting, he's young, very handsome, big strong and very sexy. When would I quit replaying it all? Our eyes met. My turn now, Sara. The nightgown was gone, and she was playing at being coy. Wow! I need to get you drunk more often, she whispered. Please forgive me, I'll try to be better, you never said anything, I'm so sorry. We kissed again, more deeply this time, and our tongues pushed and battled. What else were you expecting? When I showered and got dressed that afternoon, I picked a short, but demure wraparound skirt and sleeveless top. Funny, but I never would have imagined that Trina's mother would have a brush cut and a mustache. He said as I hopped back into the pool. Sara thrust her tongue into the girl's mouth and tongue fucked her in rhythm with Jerry's cock. Come on Toby... When I could not keep up with them, I'd just happily wander off to sleep, perhaps to wake with a huge erection in the middle of the night that Leila or Vivi would jerk off, suck or ride to climax.. This was like looking for a needle in the haystack. Suddenly realizing what I was doing, and what a horrible invasion of their privacy this was, I quietly hurried out of their house and across to my own, Ralph at my heels. Sue's ass was still gripping me tight; so it took me a minute or two to shrink and finally fall out of her. My car broke down -- a flat tire -- about a mile or so back that way. They watched as the mechanic got out of the car and handed the keys to Maurice. I said, Listen, Allison, while you change, I need to go to the bathroom and give myself a hand job or a gallon of cold water. motorhomewhores.vom Cindy had her legs slightly crossed, so I wasn't sure what he was seeing at first. The company had also reserved us a suite for the night. My husband looked over and saw his friend Allen. She looked like she was on a mission to make him cum. Detective Richard Cook. I gasped not with pain but with pure basic pleasure, I opened my eyes and saw the others had finished and all six of them were watching us. motorhomewhores.clm The surprises are just beginning, I told her as I laid her on the bed and pulled her panties off. That's for sure. James positioned his cock at her asshole and began pushing in. It was sexy without being slutty. I heard her shuffling some paper behind me. He inserted his finger on my ass, and I thought my pussy was going to explode. He ran them back and reached them down to me. It was a pity he had to travel so often abroad. I started making eye contact with her when I went into the bank. I see a flash and I'm not sure if it is the pleasure I am receiving or if it is something else. Shaking from the worse case of nervousness I'd ever felt, I asked cautiously, What is this game? She got up from the bed and went to fetch something from the nightstand. When I put you in the hospital I want to know that you'll be taken care of. All I could say was, Wow. Morgan asked about a brandy, which I had, and Kristi requested a Bailey's, which I knew she liked over ice. He tried to deny it at first but broke under Burns' questioning. How about letting that guy from last night have a look at these this morning then? Len went on, feeling his wife's breasts. They danced through three or four songs before the news came on the radio and broke the trance Catherine had fallen into. Knowing her, I waited till everyone left. Then with her crying -- yes, literally, tears of pain and joy while screwing Pete's extremely thick and hefty erection -- she'd made a fucking mess of her face. Her whole body laid on top of me. The call came at nine-thirty. I don't know what I'd do if she asked for it. I had to work hard to convince him that I wasn't setting up a little love nest and I don't think I managed to do it because all he said was, Okay Mike, whatever you say. I know too, that he will always keep me close to him. motorhomewhores.coj That minx loves to fuck. This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. It was totally see through. 90% of the women were drunk and 100% were now sexual crazed. That's always the way, just when jeans get good and comfy they wear out. I wasn't that good at it, but it turned out to be as expected. That really sums up what I'm feeling. I was pumping the black cock in and out of my pussy faster and faster, but then I realised something! I stopped fucking myself with the big, black dildo, and flicked on the vibrator part, then plunged it back in to my sopping wet pussy.
Comment no.3141 posted by Jayden: Not just sorry to get caught, but sorry for doing it in the first place. Withdrawing my finger & pulling me by my very erect dick she led me back to the sofa, sat down with her fanny perched on the very edge and told me to kneel in front of her. ? I was half singing and mumbling to myself while cooking breakfast, the words matching music from the Lone Ranger/William Tell overture by Rossini. - Ali, jump on board while I hold her still! You are going to fuck her ass while she entertains me in her cunt! Leena started to scream in earnest as he entered her tight ass. So that's exactly what I did. You can't just walk around naked. I lowered my head and placed a few gentle kisses on her exposed cleavage while continuing to manipulate her breasts with my hands. Debbie's voice trailed off weakly. Leaving my seed in so many in such a care-a-less way makes me wonder what may have happened to them, but there's no way to ever know. With that she turned and flagged the waitress to bring the check. It wasn't my wife's birthday, our anniversary, or even the first day we met; it was just your average run of the mill Tuesday, and that's why I picked it. It was a fantasy of course, because it never goes back to the way it was. I love you too. The two girls got on like a house on fire, we ate snacks instead of going to dinner, and got happily slaughtered. He desperately wanted the miracle which had beset him to last longer, but as he felt the pressure building, he knew it was already too late. He finally grabbed her by her wide hips and really began to lay into her. He is a good man and he saved my life. And at the worst possible time it could happen, just before the holidays, my company downsized by 10%. This was so like him, to bet his wife in a card game. We were traveling light, but it should be enough for the short time we'd be away. motorhomewhores.cmo Uh-oh...what did you do? John asked. She let him knead and mold her muscles and completely sooth her body for the next several moments in silence. She groaned and did, using her hands to find his ass, pulling him towards her, the seven inches he had to offer slipping fully down her throat, his swollen balls resting on her chin. She stayed dressed. motorhomewhore.scom Two hours before they were to meet the guys they found the motel, checked in, then carried their overnight bags to the room. Really I do. See you tomorrow night or maybe not. Am I the first here? she asked, looking around and noticing a picnic basket sitting on his coffee table. To understand this you really have to know us. He sat it on the bar and said On the house. Hospital staff called at least once an hour until 2 am, leaving several messages when no one answered the phone. She was tender, slow, patient and caring. The three of us found a nice rhythm. This woman would be very pretty if she just lost about a 150 pounds, I kept thinking. motorhomewhores.ocm I turned the heat on full blast and got on my cell calling roadside assistance. At the bar Sandy was between Todd and I and we had the same seating arrangement. What are your plans? I have to leave, Jenny. It was a big success and I sold the program for a small fortune.