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Comment no.2257 posted by Landon: I clicked on the message thread and read the following exchange: Harris: What section are you in? Jessica: With hubby in section 127...Where you? Harris: One section over, 126, row 7 Jessica: Restroom? Harris: Great seeing you. Kerry and Tom had several other nudist friends, several of whom were much older than us. It has to stop Dad. He read the note twice, folded it carefully and handed it back to my husband. Mr. This also allowed me to cup her breasts and kiss on her neck once her arms were down. The change in motion had caused Steve to pull from her mouth and the excitement of Dennis filling her with his cum pushed her into another of her own orgasms. I said as she came back to our towels. So you're not having an affair? I didn't say that. After a couple of hours of fishing it was getting hot. I became aware of hooting and hollering coming from Harvey's pontoon tied to his dock next door. It was certainly just a precaution not for them not to tumble when two or three men would frolick with the girl inside. He pulled out a bottle of lube, and began applying it liberally to her exposed ass hole. Her best feature was her long legs and incredible ass (everyone has always liked her ass, she'll tell you). housewivesneedcascom Wilson re a private matter. Lisa wanted to know where I was when I got home. Oh gawd yessss. I'm almost there, I said. He had often bared himself to her inviting her sympathy. Getting up at half past three is the most difficult part. When she got Eddie as hard and big as he could get, she knelt on the bed and pushed her ass up to him. He pulled all his cloths off and then told me to strip. First, I needed to take a long hot shower. I need to eat your cream out of her tasty tight cunt. Fuck me, hurt me, god harder, harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me .... As time went by and we spent more time together, Katrina's friends -- including Sadie -- dropped into the background, as did mine. How are you feeling? he asked. Her touch becoming more hurried and rougher only added to the excitement of your watching. She thought about how an hour from now she would back out more relaxed and better able to handle the stress of the rest of her week. But I just walked in the door, after a long day of travel, and a busy weekend. After several days of less-than-subtle badgering and convincing that having sex with Mike wouldn't damage our marriage, she finally relented. I have to agree, suggesting thigh high stockings. well actually overly groomed, being meticulous about her appearance to the point of vanity. I followed both ladies downstairs and couldn't help but notice how sexy my wife's small ass looked in her pajamas. Not OK. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my own hard dick. Her husband Peter fancied himself an erotic writer and spent every waking moment it seemed typing out some piece of trash to submit to some online web site specializing in wank stories. That's when she had her first orgasm, and was clearly enjoying herself. There's no need to involve her. I wanted to tell her how bad I missed her, I wanted to ask her if she was seeing anybody...but I didn't. Or maybe she was just playing along with me, I never really knew. So you liked young Jim, huh? He asked with to giddy a lilt. If they call you, tell them to leave you alone. This was going to be interesting. Let's go to your room. I was beginning to get irritated with him now. His cock was straining against his tight undies. I promised Nancy and Gary that I'd choose a first class stud for her, She told me. housewivesneedcash.c Don't get me wrong, whether I liked to admit it or not, Ralf was a pretty good-looking bloke. I immediately shuffled down between her legs and found her swollen clit with my tongue. Damn Bart, that don't sound good. I wanted some pocket money to play with. If I see that asshole again I might kill him this time. At one point she had to move a few steps to shake a newcomers hand. The were both sitting up but Yuna was leaning into Mike and resting her head on his bare chest as he had his arm around her. Today was different. Sadie had smiled at me graciously, and yeah, she seemed friendly enough; if not a little... Missouri? Oh hell yeah!, unable to contain my excitement as my dick continued to grow, I think you would like it more than me! leaning closer to her ear, Could you imagine all those men jacking off fantasizing about Mrs. Tammy laid back with her sexual hunger slated, but her needs still being stoked by Jay's licking tongue and massaging thumbs. I then felt two more silk scarves being wrapped around my wrists as he tied me firmly to the bed posts. 'Sweetheart, I think you've misunderstood... Pete needed very little coaxing and very quickly the two of them were rutting like teenagers in the back seat of dad's car. I could see not only her very hard nipple, but the shape and smoothness of her breasts. He's been banging your wife for years and went postal when he found out she was unfaithful to him! I staggered back and dropped into a chair. Dan had a nice deuce softail; I had my 'baby', the 100th anniversary Fatboy with about K of additional work. I watched as Angie ate her sandwich too. housewivesneedcashom Louise strutted around in her new orange and pink bikini. Warm, yuck. Oh, you want me to lose my points? he asked, a little black humor the best he could do. Is that what's going on here? I'm not real sure, but right now, I don't have anything else to go on. She smiled saying I believe I just seated her. Oh yeaaaaaaahhh, she groaned as her pussy muscles tightened around Jason's dick. By the time I closed my door, Lorna was sitting on my desk, her long legs crossed, and one boot slowly describing circles in the air. The first one said: 'i'm goin up town 2. We talked about it for a while. Never been on one that I didn't need a lot of booze to make it thru the date. Jane's hands moved from her sides to caress her breasts and then down to Mike's head as his tongue danced on her clit, and she responded in kind, saying, Oh my God, oh my God, over and over again. So this is where you two disappeared to. housewivesneedcashcom As I was driving Becky leaned into the front seat and asked me if we could stop for a burger on the way home. He shoved it hard and deep and Tonya let out a loud Oooooooo! as she spread her legs wider to receive it. housewivesneedcash.m First of all, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how hard you've been working since your layoff. Of course I had no clue. Have you sucked you boyfriend's cock? He asked. He is cute. I really did want to see Kristi. who does that.
Comment no.2258 posted by Jessica: A second later warm breath blew across her swollen lips, brushed over her throbbing clit. He grunted a few more times, and her bouncing slowed down until she finally came to a rest. Like a pro, she reached behind her and inserted the beads into her ass. I said simply. I switched off the television and leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek. My dad always told me, that if you treat your wife like a queen, she would never stray; ya right. She was wearing a white face veil and an islamoc scarve above a rich caftan. I had calculated that her cunt had been enjoyed some thirty four times, at least eight guys had wanked over her tits, three cum in between them, she'd given head twelve or more times, and wanked countless pricks off whilst screwing with others. As he ran the tip of it up and down her slit, pausing to press it against her aching clit, Tammy rolled her hips at it. Again, I was transfixed at his huge dick. The crack of his slap caught everyone's attention so he did it again. He just stood there, uncertain of what to say or do. I must have been doing an adequate job because Becky bent over further and spread her legs giving me greater access to her pussy. Life is good. I knew she liked it doggie, as Pat told me that was her favorite position. Feel? Mary Ann replied with a question still dazed. Are you ready honey? Are you enjoying the show? Damn your hard, wait till you see act two! she laughed lightly as she stood back up, grabbing my cock and squeezing it hard, just the way she knows I like. Then came graduation and we moved away to another university for grad school. Soon our arms were all over each other. She closed her eyes and slowly caressed her sore and tender cuntlips. housewivesneedcash.dom Tammy gave him a questioning look when he said this, her face showing her feelings of doubt at this part. Then she offered her hand and he helped her to her feet. Want to lie down on the seat? You can put your head on my lap...I wouldn't mind Even as he said this, it struck him that it was she who mustn't mind! But the words were spoken. Is the other masseuse just as experienced? Rebecca grinned, looked from her clipboard at Mary Ann and back to the blank paper. I don't care what the kids did today, and I do not want to hear a twenty-minute story about her fight with the cashier at the grocery store. I pushed back my chair and walked out of the room. As she wrote the check, the male clerk got a very good look down her shirt. Struggled with the tight bolt a little, finally slid it open, and opened the window. housewivesneedcash.xom So hurry up and get changed, I said. And Brenda told me some of the things you didn't want me to know. I like you very much and I want to do something meaningful so that you can keep your son at our School. You just got harder! she exclaimed. I get to fuck you and they just get to fantasize about it. She had taken to calling him by his first name recently; he didn't seem to mind. She had a nice figure that was nicely accented by small, but well shaped breasts. He dropped down then, laying at her side again, his one hand still squeezing her breast while the other came up to cup her cheek and caress her face. Honestly, I loved the sex last night and don't feel any remorse for my actions. Fuck me cowboy. The relief from the excruciating pressure was immediate. This time I can see the street at the same time as her. I laughed and asked you about the conversation between you and the server. I was so absorbed in what I had been reviewing that it took a moment for this odd comment to register. He'll have covered up by now. Molly had pumped her fingers up my cock, just one pass, and was squeezing the rim below my head. You nodded yes. It also means that there are occasions when you have to sleep on the couch. By 'find yourself' Debbie, I ventured, nodding my head. More than you realize. I explained that I had all the outfits here and the only thing she should bring is a swimsuit. We'd had a bottle of wine with lunch, and I'd opened a second bottle once back on the boat. After my exploits of the day I finally began to recover a bit. She filled that cart with all kinds of goodies: eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, foundation, pantyhose (the sexy kind with the seam up the back), nail polish, thongs, granny panties, tampons, KY Jelly, razors, women's deodorant, perfume, a few cute tops and dresses, a pair of dark skinny jeans, another pair of tight jeans she told me she planned to make cut-offs to go with my heels, a couple satin bras (white and black), a couple nice business looking outfits including my very own satin blouse and jewelry (just clip on ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings). He stood and held out his hand. By dinner time, I was feeling a bit better. Oh my, I guess I am blushing! Of course Jason has to notice it and call me out on it. That's more or less exactly what Linda said as it happens! My statement bought the pair of them up short. And I wouldn't want you to think she married me for money, either. I had been sitting in the chair watching for some time now. housewivesneedcash.cok No sex at all, so pass on if you need that. I do, it is warm and heavenly. I began to really enjoy what I was doing. What power? He must get off on being able to get someone to open their legs and let him do them. Finally Brenda had dragged her out and insisted she return her lawyer's calls. I found a parking space, locked the car and entered the hotel through the lobby. They had one main restaurant in the main hotel where we were. He told me he didn't think there would be a problem as long as I didn't leave the state. housewivesneedcash.coj Eddie held her hips and it was easy for her to take his little dick into her hole. I guess, he probably downloaded it from a website.. She had all but stopped humping back to Abdul. I don't know what her problem is. Underneath, she wore a black, high cut one-piece swimsuit, the cut of the suit left just a small patch of material covering her pussy. She assured me that I would still be getting mine tonight too, and not to worry. After that he was all business and he began to slowly rock back and forth and in and out until our pubic bones were bouncing off each other and he had all of his meat in me. Gerry could not believe how tight and wet she was, and how hot, his cock felt as if it was dipping into molten metal. Tammy was forced to just lay there while the men stood over her, their eyes devouring her displayed body, watching her hips moving at the vibrating dildo. Your father and I went to school together. A minute later Jay stepped into the bathroom. the odor of sweat and sperm was overpowering. No more nights at the Wagon Wheel or anywhere else. He laid them down on the edge of the bed and parted their legs. Like 'what kind of person do I want to be' kind of decisions. THAT WOMEN LOVED YOU SO MUCH! I didn't know what to say. I also liked her kids. And all in the same car? Yeah, it was tight in that van. I head off to make sure everything is running smoothly while Bill and Jon meet and mingle. My body was shaking all over having multiple orgasms. housewivesneedcash.con Driving away, I could see the moving van pulling into their driveway; that should keep them busy for the rest of the afternoon. He showed back up with several pieces of wood, and made a couple more trips, making a dry stack of wood under the cover of the carport. The tight top emphasized her curves, her perky tits and nipples, always half-erect, at least. No I said. I left the house two hours earlier so I could stop and have breakfast on my way to work. I listened to what he told me, stayed quiet and waited to give my considered opinions at a more appropriate time. housewivesneedcash.cim Bill doesn't mind. I turned the touch in to a caress just softly stroking up and down her bottom. After a few minutes she looked up to John's face and saw tears in his eyes and she stopped and started untying John's cock and balls. I urged her to try different positions and do different things. What luck; Shannon, I thought to myself, a little payback was in order. It would not be until later in the day when he would notice that the Missus Cee sparkle was returning to Christine's eyes. A couple walking down the path near the booth glanced our way, waved to Jim and continued on. Anyhow, I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard them downstairs, calling me, and I slipped into that white robe. So Adam, what is it you're advertising for? Huh? Are you thinking maybe a threesome would be fun tonight, or are you looking for a little chicky for your spare time? Or are you just trying to trigger a few fantasies for all the old married ladies and little teenage waitresses? Maybe a few of the men too, now that I think about it. She could feel his hot release burst forth inside her as he finally came. Just a bit run down maybe. I knew she had a wild side, and I've been thinking that they might have been into swinging but I didn't know for sure. By now it was getting on towards dusk. He had never had performance issues. That coffee smelled so good to her. We all stood there looking at each other laughing about the rain and as Bill was standing there in his wet jeans it was not hard to notice he had a raging giant hard on! That just confirmed my suspicions as to what Michele had felt beneath her as she had squirmed in his lap. I rested my head on her stomach as she came while Satan continued pumping in and out of her. He reached behind her neck and untied the top. Aravind I think you are still not comfortable with me Rajesh asked me as if he read my mind. She touched John's balls...he groaned. Spreading her legs to the max, I could see the moisture on the inside of her pussy as I reached down and rubbed her clit. She grabbed my hand and entered the nearest toilet cabin. When Alice and I walked out of the bathroom we found Toby leaning against the wall waiting for us. Pinch the meat there. Hell, tires don't go flat on modern cars; well, not very often that's for sure. A very, very long night. Argh, Oh fuck me, Christ! It penetrated even deeper into me this way. How about Ed, like Mr. She was beautiful, more beautiful now that she was in heat. I feel you back slightly away, your hands on my hips pulling my pelvis backwards, and then you are entering me hard, causing my back to arch and low moans to escape both our mouths. Hey babe, here is a story about Gloria's wedding. We heard the engine go silent, and the doors slam, and I felt like I was about to throw up. She groaned in frustration. She knew Dan was going to be angry, but she thought she could convince him, that this would be a growing experience for the both of them; but now, it had blown up in her face. Several of Sandra's friends had summerhouses at a popular island at Baltic Sea, why she had forced me to have us to buy a house there for a sky-high price. That means you look great as far as I'm concerned and now you are off on some ego trip or something. My body quivered and shook and I loved every fragile moment of it. His cream dribbled from her, his head resting on her bent back. I must have stood there for at least a full minute with that stupid gun in my hands, wondering what to do next. She lowered her body slowly onto it. It was great but I'm feeling it today. The feeling of his cum hitting the walls of her pussy brought her to a last and most pleasurable spasm. housewivesneedcash.clm Soon he grabbed my wrists and spread them wide on the wall. I'd like to watch. That night Carrie stood before him. Taking a sip of the Mather's pumpkin wine I looked intently at Annie and could tell she was already feeling pretty good from the wine. housewivesneedcash.vom I looked over at Tony and he was stroking his big cock as he watched us. Thanks, he said, taking the beer. It had been towed to an impound lot and I could pick it up any time after paying a three hundred dollar fee. Carol was shocked and got angry herself. My pussy was wet, but not open enough to accommodate this large intruder. Sara thought, Well, this isn't going to be much of a wedding night. Of course he wants to see you. She rarely went out drinking with the girls, but she did have a drink or two with them when they went out for dinner together and this was one of those dinner nights. He said baby I need to go home & get ready for work & off he went. Oh God, ya mmmm . As I lowered myself onto him, I felt like I was being impaled. She wasn't completely submissive like her friend Leena. - Oh great, cunt! I feel my sperm boiling in my balls! Here it comes. I also told Jim my hubby wants to try and get me pregnant when he is home on leave. There was just more annoying drunk frat talk and sexual conquest boasting. I am requesting that these officers be allowed to look through your home. We are serious but not too serious as we are both divorced and only want the good things that a relationship can provide. I felt it. It was a bit of a tight fit, and Taylor nestled in closer to John and began to make out with him. It would be really stupid of to get caught right now, I thought to myself. Now, he thought he might. Rajesh rummaged through the dresses and picked a bra which was very transparent and had small cups. housewivesneedcash.cpm Then one night he kissed her tenderly, they spooned and just before he drifted off to sleep he thought he heard her say, Tomorrow we're movin' on to ass fuckin'. After she left that morning I practically ran down to the basement office and started the DVD. I cupped each breast, and played with each nipple until they were hard and erect. The barman tactfully mentioned that the party shouldn't get out of hand in case the noise upset other guests. Shortly thereafter, our waiter reappeared with his zipper at half mast and an I've just been sucked look in his eye. What she actually said would have made no sense to anybody, but I got the message. Now I had a name to go along with the dick. There was no way those lads were gonna let this be a one off night, they found a good thing and for that entire week we were all sure that our sexual needs would be well satisfied. Not allowed to hide, Christine stood up and prepared herself to meet Tom, Mary and Jason Struthers, asking herself if this was part of her punishment. Let's be honest I don't need to.
Comment no.2259 posted by Morgan: Rose and I think of you as a friend, and we like to look out for our friends, He said. We rolled you underneath, and I pressed inside. No hold on, I'll get back to children later, I was telling you about Sadie wasn't I? Anyway I've explained -- I hope -- how I recognised that the last thing that Sadie wanted was Katrina and I being a couple. As they continued to talk, Mike's hand moved farther up her thigh disappeared under the dress. As the affair lingered, the family started to fall apart. He obviously had not joined the binge. didn't count on the jack-knifed tractor-trailer. It was about three in the morning and I was exhausted. I was reminiscing about our unlikely meeting, as sophomores at a small Midwestern liberal arts college. I felt his tongue parting my lips and I let him. I want you to look as slutty as you know how. What's the big deal? Karry and Tom agree. What a load of shit! Great, I responded, nodding my head to indicate that I thought I'd fully understood what the proposal was. His lips traveled to her earlobe, softly nibbling, and her hands, now wrapped around his neck, encouraged him. This was the first conversation we have had about my fantasy while not in bed and it was unexpected. I had instructed the proprietor, Mistress Diane, to make her look trashy like the younger girls do these days when they are going out to hook up. When she was done, the newcomers reacted much as her old friends had done on Saturday--they were excited, cheeks a bit flushed as their imaginations pictured what had happened in that bed that evening. She convinced me that if we could take the embarrassment out of nudity, we could take it out of sex as well. We met when he came to a company business meeting here. I exploded. housewivesneedcash.cmo Then I have to socialize with them and not ever know I was an object scorn or pity or both. Nancy collapsed onto the table as another orgasm rocked her. I then spread her pussy lips with two fingers and started drawing circles on her clit with the tip of my tongue, and when her moans and whimpers got to a crescendo, I sucked on her clit hard for a minute then lightly squeezed it with my teeth. Ron led me in and we were greeted by another 40ish lady, in dress and look much like the woman who had served us at the sex shop. housewivesneedcash.ocm The next one started with Kelly sat on the settee, sucking Steve's cock. How about breakfast at Denny's? Tim and Carol begged off but I told her I was game. She sputtered and said, What the hell do you mean, the deal's off? Did I miss something? What part of what you promised did you do in the eight hours? What? I agreed to do it between this morning and Sunday! You didn't say I had to do anything today. She said I guess I was letting my jealousy run away. My body shook and jolted violently while they continued on my pussy until I had to tell them to stop and to involve their cocks once again. Scott's dick was not huge, but it is much larger than mine. There is no excuse for what I did. Your massage, he said with a broad smile this time, did it work out for you, having me do it today? With an almost embarrassed smile she replied, Oh, yes! I do, you did, thank you. housewivesneedcas.hcom About a half hour later I walked downstairs to see what Scott had in mind. When I got home at six-twenty Misty was sitting two feet from where she had been sitting when I left. She left then for real, taking the empty glasses with her. He doesn't ask why my toiletries are in his bathroom or why some of my clothes are in his closet. She was smiling a lot, and her eyes were bright and sparkling. Rob left the room with a big grin and I sat there wondering why this woman would have to meet with me before approving their relationship. I, on the other hand, was trying to think of a graceful way to put an end to this incredibly awkward situation. From what my friends say and from what his ex wrote, seems like Jason is one of the best out there. don't see that every day. Great! Thank you, Cindy.