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“Do you like massages and handjobs?”, Desmond kept smiling at his boyfriend as he asked the questions. He loved Harry, more than anything. And since it was his first real relationship since he came out of the closet, he decided to take it slow and know him better. He had arranged a little ‘house’ date at his place to set that up.

“Massages, not so much. But handjobs, I love those”, Harry ran his fingers through his beard as he replied.

“Do you have any fetish?”, Desmond popped a beer can open as the words rolled off his lips.

“Yes, I’m a big fan of foot fetish“, Harry popped a beer can open too as the conversation got interesting.

“What sort of men were you into before you met me?”, Desmond took the beer can to his lips as he asked the question.

“I was into Black men but mostly Latin men”, Harry replied. “I was into military and uniform men too. Yeah…military and uniforms”, he added with a little chuckle.

“Ohh, I loved Black men too”, they both laughed. “Crushing on any male celeb?”, Desmond asked the next question on his imaginary list.

“No, no crush on any male celeb”, they both laughed again as they continued sipping from their cans.

The question and answer session between the both of them kept going. And with cans of beer getting empty left and right, it was only a matter of time before the passion and desire between them took control. Desmond kept quiet now as Harry kept talking, his eyes dancing around his face as he admired his man. Desmond wanted to skip all that talk and cut to the bareback sex he knew was definitely going to happen, he was already feeling a slight bulge in between his legs.

Desmond moved closer to his man, placing his hand on his thigh as he gave him the green light. Harry understood immediately, his eyes locking Desmond’s in a gaze as he smiled gently. Desmond leaned in and kissed Harry for the first time, his lips were soft and he tasted of the sweet beer. He loved the response he got, his body immediately covering the small gap between them as he kissed Harry deeper. Harry kissed him back, matching it with equal energy as their tongues went back and forth at each other.

As the passion and desire brewed through the kiss, hands explored. They pushed the empty cans aside, their hands moving quickly as they stripped their clothes away.

“Wow”, Desmond broke the kiss, backed up a little and gasped as he admired Harry. Harry was tall and handsome, and he easily had the finest body he had ever seen. He was like those big men in porn videos. The muscle men that were specially made for hardcore porn. He had a big dick too, easily eight inches and above.

Desmond moved closer and resumed the kiss, their hands stroking their dicks as their lips made love. Desmond knelt in front of Harry, his hand grabbing his big dick as he prepared to give him a blowjob.

“Hmmm”, Harry moaned as Desmond swiped his tongue on him for the first time, his cock twitching as he wrapped his fingers around his length. A louder moan escaped his lips as Desmond twirled his tongue all over him, diving unto him as he swallowed all his inches. Desmond started out slowly, his head bobbing up and down on him as he pleased his man, coating him with saliva and slurping on his thick cock.

Desmond soon took things up a notch, going faster and harder as Harry moaned. Desmond kept going, twisting his tongue and lips on Harry’s cock as he drove him closer and closer towards the edge.

“Fuck!”, Harry moaned out as he came, Desmond swallowing all his semen and sucking out the very last drops.

They soon got into it again, Desmond stroking him to full erection as they geared up for that bareback sex he wanted.

“Fuck me Harry, fuck me hard please”, Desmond said slowly as he bent over and held the couch, his cock dangling in between his legs as he exposed his asshole for Harry.

“With pleasure”, Harry smiled as he positioned his cock to his ass, anal sex was his favorite anyway. Desmond was ready and prepared, his asshole relaxed enough to take his partner.

“Oh…fuck”, Desmond moaned with absolute satisfaction as Harry pushed his cock into his asshole, slowly going past the sphincter and settling into him completely.

He started out gently and with rhythm, allowing Desmond to get used to his size and the rhythm that worked for the both of them. Desmond moaned as Harry plowed his ass with pleasure, each thrust sending waves of pleasure to wash over him.

Harry soon took things up a notch, his slow thrusts giving way for harder pound-like ones as he slammed into Desmond with reckless abandon. Desmond moaned out loud with each thrust, his sounds of ecstasy resonating around the whole place. He moved even faster, pounding and slamming his asshole as his orgasm reached.

“Damn!”, he moaned out loud as he reached his peak for the second time that evening, his warm semen dripping down Desmond’s thighs as his limp dick slipped out.

“Can I get a handjob?”, Desmond asked afted Harry had recovered.

“Of course”, Harry replied with a smile as he wrapped his fingers around his boyfriend’s cock.