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Would You Let Her Put You In Handcuffs?

Have you ever been arrested before? Well after seeing this sexy girl all dressed up in a police uniform, I think she could put me in handcuffs anytime she wanted to. Alicia has always enjoyed getting a sexy uniform on, she is the type of girl that also acts the part as well, and being a police women is really giving her a sense of authority. She walks around the room knowing all of us hot guys are following her every move. She walks with such grace, and now that she has started stripping, I sure can’t wait to see more of this kinky babes body. She opens her top first and lets us take a look at her nice firm tits, flashing us a cheeky smile she keeps the action going as she takes out her handcuffs and puts the chain between her teeth. There isn’t much of that kinky uniform left on her now, as a matter of fact she is now totally naked and I am really enjoying that girls sweet body. She puts her hands over her boobs, I think she is just teasing us as we all know this girl isn’t the shy type at all. She does a few poses for the camera now and I think she might be about to get wild, you can tell that stripping out of that uniform has got her really horny. I wonder how this girl pleasures herself when that pussy of hers wants some action bad!

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