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Dark Skinned Beauty Is A Wild One

Look at this dark skinned beauty, she has a very cheeky side to her and we’ll see more of that soon enough. She was laying down chatting to a girlfriend on her laptop, when her man came in to see what she as doing, she pulls her panties to the side and gives him the finger. I thought that was really funny, seeing a girl with a naughty sense of humor like hers is a real turn on, at least for me it is. Whatever she was doing turned her on, as she doesn’t mess about pulling out his cock and sliding it inside her mouth. He totally wasn’t expecting it, but that made this blowjob feel even better. She bends over on the bed, that tight little ass is just begging for it, he takes his cock and slowly works it inside her cunt, once in though he doesn’t take long to bring out the hardcore action. She lays back on the bed now, he lifts one of her legs in the air, shoving his penis back in she is all screams as she feels every last inch of that thick dick pleasuring her. Now this is why I love seeing babes like her going for it, this is just the type of girl where anything goes! He was saving his load for something special, and he need not ask her where she wants it, she points to her face and he aims and hits the mark giving her a wild facial.


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