~ Avril Hall

He Has A Thing For His Wife’s Best Friend

Lets face it, we’ve all been attracted to someone we couldn’t have before, and sometimes its even been your wife’s best friend. Well it was happening to this guy, but for some reason he was going to act on his feelings, maybe it was the fact this girl was hot, or maybe he just wanted to have the pleasure of fucking his wife’s best friend, either way this was going to be pretty sexy. He was sitting down on the sofa with her, and well he thought the time was right to explain his feelings to her, his wife was away for the day, so there was little chance he was going to get caught in the act. So he tells this busty blonde girl that he has had a thing for her, and well he would love to take action on it and fuck her sweet pussy. Of course this bitch tries to act all innocent and tells him they can’t do anything, but when he pulls out that juicy cock of his, the look on her face tells us something else, like that this babe can’t resist that cock. She just goes for it now, sliding her hands around that already firm penis, she jerks it up and down now, and than she gets naked as quick as she can. She sits that pussy down on his cock and rides this stud hardcore, he ends over blowing his load all over her large boobs. He might be cheating on his wife, but hell this babes pussy is worth it!


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