~ sex in the kitchen

Cooking Him Dinner Earns Her A Nice Reward

Having a girl cook you a nice dinner is awesome, and this cute babe sure does love cooking for her man. She has really outdone herself tonight though, cooking him up one of the best dinners ever, he can’t wait to sit down and eat it all up. He makes sure to eat every last thing on his plate, now there’s still desert to go, and trust me he is going to love it. She goes and sits that fine ass of hers down on the sofa, she tells him to come and join her now. Bending over we get to see just what a smoking hot ass she has, he pulls those tight shorts down from her body, and then reaches out and runs his hands all over her. She knows just how big and thick that cock of his is, and just the thought of it inside her pussy is getting her so wet and moist. Finally he takes her from behind, that large dick slides all the way into her pussy, and now this girl is letting him enjoy some amazing looking sex with her. She feels a little hungry herself now though, and having a taste of that big cock is just what she needs. She sucks it up and down making sure to enjoy every inch of it, she wants it back inside her pussy again now though, and she wants him to ram her hardcore. This was one of the best fucks he has ever had with her, and the best way to finish things off now is with him blowing his load all over this cute girls face!


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