Summer gallery from Magic Erotica


…today I will write me (Luis), Idoia is in bed with a very strong flu 🙁 , I choosed this gallery like promo for different reasons, the first one is for my preferred spring flower Idoia, she was born like the most beautiful spring flowers in April, she looks great in Spring landscapes. I love shoot in nature, specially in the Spring time, I think this is the most erotic season, if you think a little you will realize that all the beauty of Spring is pure sex, flowers looks so amazing and smell so sweet just because sex, they want to be fucked by all the insects around, birds use their best chants just to fuck, all the naure looks so awesome just to have a big and inmense orgy, this season tell us how beauty is sex and how silly are people who speak about flowers, birds chants, etc, how beautiful things and they think sex is something dirty or obscene XD!!


Luis D


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